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Habbatus Sauda Energy Drink

Habbatus Sauda Energy Drink

Activia Nutrition is one of the acclaimed Exporters and Suppliers of Habbatus Sauda Energy Drink.

Habbatus Sawdah is an energy drink that is highly nutritious. This coffee is specially formulated with Nigella Sativa and Oryza Sativa. This formula is a great tasting energy and immunity booster.

Nigella sativa has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries, both as an herb and pressed into oil, in Asia, Middle East, and Africa. It has been traditionally used for a variety of conditions and treatments related to respiratory health, stomach and intestinal health, kidney and liver function, circulatory and immune system support, and for general well-being. It is also used for scorpion and spider stings and bites of snake, cat and dog. In addition, it is used as a flavoring additive to bread and prickles.1,2

In Islam, it is regarded as one of the greatest forms of healing medicine available. Prophet Muhammad once stated that the black seed can heal every disease—except death—as recounted in the following hadith:

“Narrated Khalid bin Sa'd: We went out and Ghalib bin Abjar was accompanying us. He fell ill on the way and when we arrived at Medina he was still sick. Ibn Abi 'Atiq came to visit him and said to us, "Treat him with black cumin. Take five or seven seeds and crush them (mix the powder with oil) and drop the resulting mixture into both nostrils, for 'Aisha has narrated to me that she heard the Prophet saying, 'This black cumin is healing for all diseases except As-Sam.' 'Aisha said, 'What is As-Sam?' He said, 'Death.' " (Bukhari)

Ibn Sina, most famous for his volumes called The Canon of Medicine, refers to nigella as the seed that stimulates the body's energy and helps recovery from fatigue and dispiritedness. It is also included in the list of natural drugs of 'Tibb-e-Nabavi', or "Medicine of the Prophet (Muhammad)", according to the tradition "hold onto the use of the black seeds for in it is healing for all diseases except death" [Sahih Bukhari vol. 7 book 71 # 592].

The multiple use of N. sativa in the folk medicine encouraged many investigators to isolate the possible active components and to conduct in vivo and in vitro studies on laboratory animals and human beings in order to understand its pharmacological actions. These include, immune stimulation1, anti-inflammatory3, anti-cancer4, anti-microbial5,6, anti-parasitic7, anti-oxidant8,9, and hypoglycemic effects10,11, etc. The chemical composition of N. sativa seed (including an account of its active principles) has been summarized.