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Wet Dates

Wet Dates

There is an array of health benefits associated with Wet Dates. This is the reason why the demand for them keeps on hovering over the market. We, as an Exporter and Supplier of Wet Dates from Malaysia, are engaged in subduing the demand of the market for them. We source the Dates from reputed sources and make them available, wherever demanded, packed in foolproof packages.

The health benefits of dates :
  • Maintains Healthy Blood Cells : Dates are a rich source of iron, which is a major component in hemoglobin and in maintaining the amount of blood cells. It contains about 11% of the recommended daily intake of iron. This also helps in regulating the flow of oxygen in the bloodstream. Also, the Vitamin K content in dates is an essential nutrient that is an important component in the coagulant factor of the blood. On top of that, it also is rich in copper, which is required in the production of red blood cells.
  • Strengthens the Bones : Dates hold a number of important vitamins and minerals that can help make your bones healthy and strong. For one, it has high amounts of calcium, a vital mineral that keeps the bones and teeth durable. It has few amounts of fluorine that helps to slow down the process of tooth decay. Dates also contain high amounts of magnesium, which are essential for bone growth and development. It also contains selenium, manganese and copper. All of which are important in promoting healthy bones.
  • Helps Maintain Healthy Weight and an Excellent Energy Booster : Dates can help in weight gain for individuals who have over slimming problems. It is packed with calories, which can help pump those muscles without the worry of putting on too much weight. And since it is high in sugar and loaded with essential nutrients, like protein, it provides you that much needed energy during your workouts the natural way.
  • Increases Sexual Stamina : One of the health benefits of dates that might interest men is that it has been known to be as a natural aphrodisiac. The flavonoid and estradiol levels of dates have shown an effect on sexual functioning, as well as in increasing sperm count and motility. A healthy natural tonic from a combination of dates soaked overnight in goat’s milk and added with honey and cardamom is very useful in sexual sterility problems.
  • Boosts Nervous System : The potassium in dates helps to promote healthy and responsive nervous system and helps to improve the alertness of brain activity. Also, sufficient levels of Vitamin B6, which can be found in dates, can help in optimum brain performance and functioning.
  • Helps Reduce Blood Pressure : Another great advantage of dates is that it can help lower the bad LDL cholesterol, thanks to its dietary fiber content. Also, magnesium and potassium have been shown to have an effect in lowering blood pressure, as well as in aiding the proper function of the heart. These help to reduce the risk of stroke and other heart-related diseases.
  • Promotes Healthy Digestive System : It contains heapful amounts of dietary fiber that helps to improve the digestive system and works at cleansing the colon as a bulk laxative. It helps to relieve constipation and is excellent in controlling diarrhea. It has even been linked to decrease the risk of abdominal cancer, as it helps to remove impurities from the body, is easily digested and gives a boost of energy. Also, it cannot be denied that dates are high in antioxidant properties, which help fight off harmful free radicals that cause certain cancers.
  • Contains Anti-inflammatory Properties : The magnesium in dates is known to be an essential mineral for its anti-inflammatory properties. It also contains tannins, a healthy flavonoid polyphenol antioxidant, that also possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-infective properties.
  • Healthy Eyes : It has a moderate amount of Vitamin A, beta carotene, lutein and xanthin, which are essential for healthy vision. It has also long been used in traditional medicine to help reduce the frequency of night blindness. Also, the xanthin in dates has protective light-filtering functions that help against the occurrence of macular degeneration.
  • Gives Youthful Glowing Skin : The same Vitamin A in dates that gives you healthy vision is also responsible for keeping your skin healthy. Its anti-oxidant properties help the skin get rid of free radicals and fight against untimely aging. And because it is rich in essential skin vitamins, like Vitamin C, it helps to keep the skin firm, toned and improve its texture. Also, it is a natural source of Vitamin B5, which repairs essential skin damage caused by harmful free radicals.

Can dates be introduced in the diet of infants?
Yes, dates can be introduced in baby’s food, once they are about 6 months old or solid or semi-solid food has already started. The nutritional value found in dates is of significant importance for baby’s development. By introducing dates in baby’s fruit, you can make sure that your baby gets the best nutrition.
You can start adding dates one at a time, along with other fruits. You can either mash the fruit or better steam it along with other fruits. The sweet taste of dates will complement other fruits well and your baby will like it.

Health benefits of dates for babies and young child

Let us examine the benefits of introducing dates into baby food.

Nutrient rich food : As mentioned earlier, dates have high amounts of vitamins and minerals which are essential for your baby’s growth. Some of which include calcium and magnesium are indispensible for bone health. As dates are high in calcium and magnesium, they are ideal for babies and toddlers whose bones are still developing. Potassium is another mineral which is found in dates and is important for baby’s growth and brain development.

Remedy for intestinal disturbances : Dates have been noted to be good remedy for intestinal disturbances. They help in eliminating parasitic organisms and help in establishing colonies of friendly bacteria in intestines. (HK Bakhru, Foods That Heal, pp 37)

Liver protection : In infants and children particularly, liver gets affected easily by bacterial and viral infections. Typhoid, hepatitis, jaundice are some of the very common diseases which are found in infants and children. During such times, apart from seeking medical help, you can include dates in your baby’s diet. Studies show that dates have significant liver protective properties. (Vyawahare et al, 2009)

Remedy for gastric ulcers : Children and toddlers can also suffer from acidity, acid reflux and ulcers in some cases. In such conditions, dates can be given to the baby in addition to regular treatment. Research shows that dates can reduce ulcers significantly. Ask your paediatrician for contraindications of the medicine and dates. If it is okay, then you can include dates in your baby’s food. (Vyawahare et al, 2009).

Dates for stronger teeth : Teething infants can be given ripened dates for better dental development. Chewing dates can strengthen their gums and their teeth can grow quicker and stronger. (Nadeem et al, 2011.)

Nourishing during fevers and smallpox : Dates infused in milk is very nourishing to toddlers and children. This infusion can be particularly given when your baby is recovering from fevers and smallpox. Rich in nutrients, dates promote speedy recovery. This can also be used for adults.

Remedy for dysentery : Toddlers can also suffer dysentery. Bacterial infection in the large intestine generally causes dysentery. The sweet pulp of dates is good for controlling dysentery.

Relieves from constipation : Date fruit contains high amount of dietary fiber. This is essential for adding bulk to the stool and promotes water absorption in the stool. This results in smooth bowel movement.

Measures to be taken while adding dates to your child’s diet
  • Unripe dates contain tannins which may cause adverse reactions in toddlers and children. Hence, opt for only ripened dates.
  • A better age for introducing dates to your child’s diet can be after 6 months or after you have started feeding solid or semi-solid foods.
  • In the beginning, add one date at a time to your child. Make sure that the fruit is steamed not boiled, as boiling can wash away all the necessary ingredients. Mash this steamed date to make sure that is easily chewable for infants with no teeth. Don’t forget to remove the seed. Seedless dates are better choice.
  • Date can be added as a complementary fruit to other fruit mash ups that you are giving to your child, if any. In such a case, you make sure to give the date without adding it with any fruit, initially. So, you give dates as evening snack. In this way, you can note any allergic reactions, if any. If there are no reactions, then you can add dates in the regular diet.
  • As your baby grows older, you can slowly introduce raw dates, when your baby is teething.